1. None
    You are pretty much guaranteed to get pregnant... well... maybe...

  2. Withdrawal Method
    This is totally risky, and quite frankly, not worth it.. is about as good as using no birth control at all.. It can also get somewhat messy.. but that is cool :)

  3. Condoms
    Not only is it a great birth control method, it is the ONLY thing that can give you protection from sexually transmitted diseases, so use them! Don't use anything but latex condoms with a water-based lubricant, which are the strongest, and most reliable.

    The first times my lover and I used condoms, our lovemaking was anything but satisfactory... he couldn't feel much and it wasn't that great for me either. However, over time (I guess its just a matter of getting used to them) the condom experience improved drastically! I've had some amazing orgasms during condom sex.

    Condoms can also tend to be a pain in the ass, since you have to interrupt foreplay to put it on before making love.. However there are ways you can make it completely erotic! Try putting it on with your mouth...

  1. The Morning After Pill, or Emergency Contraception
    I've used this method once, and I was pregnant at the time, so it naturally wasn't effective. My ex-flatmate owever, has used this method several times and has not fallen prenant once. It's just a very high dosage of the pill that will interrupt the fertilization process by altering the wall of the uterus so that a fertilised ovum cannot lodge there, and thus prevents you from getting pregnant.

    Because it is a post-coital method of contraception, it is also known as an abortifacient. Some stories are also going around that the morning after pill will lead you to having deformed children later in life. THIS IS NOT TRUE.. so don't believe it. If this were the case, simply being on the pill would mean you would have deformed babies later on. My doctor said it was a safe method of contraception that could be used every 72 hours if needed.

    When I took it I was violently ill, however not all women react this way to it, and usually they'll give you anti-nauseua tablets along with it, althought they don't always help. It really should be used in times of emergency.

    For more information go to the Princeton University Emergency Contraception Page.