So I watched a porn flick the other night... did it turn me on? No, mostly it just made me laugh. It was a little too predictable and graphic for me, I guess. I didn't really want to see cum spurting out of some guy's dick (they seem to have a fascination with that!) or a penis pumping in and out of a vagina. It just didn't drive me insane with lust... but just because it didn't turn me on, doesn't mean that it doesn't do that for other women.. and just because I didn't get off on it doesn't mean that it's bad... so there!

There is so much anti-pornography propoganda and hysteria these days.. well, I guess there always has been.

"Pornography victimizes women!"

"Pornography makes me want to do to women what they see!"

"Pornography creates Violence!"

"Porn makes ppl addicted to sex and sexual arousal!"

"Porn is Bad!"

Whatever.... Few people say that pornography is good because it helps people relieve sexual tension through masturbation to visual stimuli... and even fewer people admist to saying, "oh yeah, we watched some porn the other day and had amazingly great sex afterwards"... or by watching/looking at porn men will feel less of a need to rape because, for a time, they will be sexually satisfied...

So what do you think... is pornography good or bad?