Ok, so now I've rambled a lot.. let me get down to the facts...

No reputable research in the U.S., Europe or Asia finds a causal link between pornography and violence. Meese Commissioner, Dr. Judith Becker said, "I've been working with sex offenders for ten years and have reviewed scientific literature and I don't think a causal relationship exists."

No research, including the Surgeon General's report, finds a link between 'kinky' or 'degrading' images and violence. Exposure to such material does not cause people to change their sexual preferences or commit acts against their will. The impulses of child abusers and rapists, have been shown to be caused by childhood traumas. "They are not," wrote leading researcher, John Money, "borrowed from movies, books or other people."

Studies in the U.S., Europe, and Asia find no link between the availability of sexual material and sex crimes. The only factor linked to rape rate is the number of young men living in a given area. When pornography became widely available in Europe, sexually violent crimes decreased, or remained the same. Japan, with far more violent pornography than available in the U.S. has a rate of 2.4 rapes per 100,000 people compared with the U.S. at 34.5 per 100,000.00.

Men do not copy or force women to do what they see when men watch pornography, or vice versa. Men and women do not lear coercion from pictures of sex. They learn it from the violence and contempt for women in their families and communities, where each generation dictates what sort of force is acceptable, and even "manly".

Copycat theories are "Porn made me do it" excuse for rapists and batterers. They relieve criminals of responsibility for their acts.