Sexism, not sex, degrades women. Though sexism pervades our culture in many forms, we will not eliminate it by banning sex or images of sex.

Banning pornography or erotic material will not help or protect women. Historically, censorship has hurt women. Information about sex and reporduction has been banned under the guise of 'protecting' women - from the jailing of birth control advocate, Margaret Sanger, to the gag rule against abortion counselling in federally funded clinics. It has never reduced sexism or violence. Women are exploited and harrassed in all fields; some, no doubt, in the sex industry. Exploitation will only stop when it is vigorously prosecuted everywhere it occurs.

Women in the sex industry believe, and have protested, that a band against it would cause a black market of exploitation. Some said their work gave them independence and a sense of accomplishment. Banning it would only serve to worsen their lives.

If one group may be censored because some find it offensive, all groups may be censored, including women. The best protection for women's ideas and voices is the constitutional protection of free speech.

Half of the adult videos in the US are bought or rented by women alone, or women in couples.

Sexual Health professionals recommend pornography as entertainment and information for women and men. It may enhance failing relationships and help couples talk about and experiment with sex.