A woman, generally, carries many things on her which may be used to fend off an attacker: keys, fingernails, teeth and any kind of spray whether it be body spray, hairspray or mace (which is my spray of preference), and high heels.

Keys, being small sharp objects can do a lot of damage, especially when aimed at the face and neck.

Fingernails are great for scratching, again the most effective place to use your fingernails is your attacker's face.

Biting is a great way to cause pain, and anyone can do it. Bite anywhere you can.

It's legal to carry mace in New York, if it can be shown that you were using it for self defense. Aim your sprays at your attackers mouth and eyes. If he can't see you and he can't breathe properly, he can hardly attack you.

High heels, if you are wearing them, can be scraped down your attacker's calves and stamped into his feet. And steel-toe boots can pack a powerful kick!

All of these things are based upon the principle that if you are able to cause your attacker pain, he will be less capable of restraining, and assaulting you. So don't be afraid to scratch, bite or stomp, cause it's only to your advantage!