The Recovery Room - I woke up to a needle being jabbed in my bum. This was a rhogam injection, which is supposed to stop you from building up certain antibodies in your bloodstream to other blood types. I was totally hazy when i woke up, not realising where I was or what I was doing. As the nurse said, when she came to get me up - I could have slept there all day. I had stomach cramps afterwards, due to my uterus contrating, now that my fetus and all the blood tissue that had built up in there had been removed. The nrse brought me some sprite and some pain killers to help with the paid. I got dressed and got a plate of crackers and cookies and some orange juice, cause I hadn't eaten for about 18 hours. And, then I had another talk with another counsellor. She gave me the instructions I was to follow after the next two weeks - no sex, no baths, no swimming, no tampons, lots of rest and relaxation and nothing strenuous. The reminded me that I just had surgery and I had to let my body recuperate as such. The 'no' bits were so I wouldn't get an infection, since the procedure does not leave your vagina or cervix unscathed. I was given my prescriptions. I was to take a multitude of drugs over the next week and I was supposed to start taking the pill that night, and that was it. I had had an abortion. Afterwards I felt mostly relieved. It felt good to know I was no longer pregnant, that I wouldn't be having a baby any time soon. It was equally good to know that the procedure was over and done with. However, later that night when I was in bed curled up with a hot water bottle, my lover and I cried because we didn't really get to say goodbye to tobi. Of course we were sad. We had just lost a little part of our lives. But it was the right thing to do.